Network Data Tunnel


Nuvel Inc. delivers data acceleration solutions that enable companies to transfer large amounts of data at high speeds, while optimizing the flow of information over the Internet, and maximizing network performance and data security.

Traditional wide area network (WAN) management involves on-site IT personnel running redundant, fragmented and decentralized processes and systems. The result is inefficient use of infrastructure and resources, which reduce productivity and performance, increased capital and operating costs, and putting a company’s network and data at risk. Additionally, decentralized infrastructures cannot utilize and leverage cloud computing applications.

Nuvel resolves these issues through Network Data Tunnel (NDT), a software-based data acceleration solution that increases data transfer over existing bandwidth up to 150 times faster than file transfer protocol. As a result, customers experience huge cost savings as Nuvel integrates seamlessly into existing network infrastructures, using minimal IT resources for easy installation and deployment. Additionally, Nuvel uses AES 256 bit encryption, the strongest encryption standards in the industry, to ensure customer data is safe. And, because NDT is software-based, customers can enable cloud-computing applications.



  • Scales from single user to virtual provisioning in Data Center environments for easy deployment
  • Serves multiple clients simultaneously
  • Software-based, so no additional appliances, devices or hardware are required


  • Install NDT inside the user’s network or on a machine to function as the user
  • Deploy SEND and/or RECEIVE functionality by any group, user, machine or segment desired


  • Seamless integration into a company’s existing infrastructure
  • No interruption in workflow
  • No downtime for training or learning new applications


NDT Data Sheet